Become a Partner

PartnerBecome A Covenant Partner


Glory to God Television needs your financial support in helping us to take back our cities.  By becoming a covenant partner, you will help ensure that GTG-TV continues to spread the word of God through music and ministry. Your commitment to send a monthly gift to our station will help  defray the ongoing cost of television production and broadcasting. Working together, we can continue to have a positive impact in our communities.

Your Commitment
As a Covenant Partner with us, you pledge:

  • To pray for the growth and development of Glory to God Television.
  • To tell others to watch and support Glory to God Television.
  • To send an offering each month as outward show of your support.

Our Commitment
As a Covenant Partner with you, we pledge:

  • To provide excellence in faith-based and community-based broadcasting,
  • To provide a strong presence through community involvement.
  • To provide a viable outlet for community announcements.